Sexual Harrasement - What Would You Do?

My title is loud and clear I guess... For the past 6 months, a guy has been passing whatever free time he has by sexually harassing me. I did what any logical person would do, I blocked him; but he was far too persistent to let the fact that his email was blocked stop him; so he would create a new account, getting more and more creative with his addresses. It would be*;* etc.... And every time I block him, he simply re-surfaces with a new account. So i took a more extreme measure, and simply closed down my account that he was sending those emails to. And you would think that would stop him? naaaaah. Very hard working this dude, he's not that dedicated to his job btw. So he got my new address and took it to another level. Upgraded his style to sending me videos... of him...masturbating! Good thing with stalkers is that they eventually slip up without knowing so. He also used personal info about me, to spice it up. He knows my name, where I work, my cell phone number, where I travelled... and he would send an email with an info, in the subject line to guarantee that I would read it. Oh, i forgot to add this piece of info, I now know who he is. I know his wife. I know members of his family. I know some of his friends who would love such a piece of hot gossip about him.

I still didn't take any action... I keep thinking of his wife and family. Never in my life did I want to be known as a home wrecker, even though it's not my fault that the poor girl is married to sick unfaithful bastard; but being in the society that we are in, news travel fast. Can be to your benefit or turn to your worst enemy.

Imagine your father hearing that you sexually harass people in your free time? The shame? I don't think that he has thought it through. And he probably doesn't know how his slip has contributed to revealing his identity. I have replied to one of his emails. Two words. His name and Family name. After a couple of emails, he started sending me videos of girls, trying to throw me off poor thing. If he only knew. You know, I am prepared to forgive him if he voluntarily revealed his identity and asked me not to let it out. I probably wont take any action against him if he was honest with me. Enough damage has been done as it is. Do you think I'm being too lenient?

So tell me, what would YOU do? I need to read your thoughts to get different perspectives. Something will be done, but what will it be?
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