In a world such as ours, where technology is upgrading in a rate that we can’t get our heads around, where you can practically get anything online from the things that clothe you to the things that feed you to finding your soul-mate(it’s been known to happen!). We’re in a world that is capable of doing anything, of course, living in certain countries either gives you carte blanche to such facilities or wipes the memory of the word “carte blanche” from your memories the way Will Smith wipes memories with that device of his in Men in Black!

But why is it that I would rather be a in a place stripped from the word high-tech, in a place where I know that the tomatoes I’m eating are freshly grown and not are a result of an over-fertilized greenhouse? Or the mint that I’m having in my tea is one I picked from the small square behind my house I proudly call my garden rather than those foul smelling mints we buy from the market. I swear to you, they don’t even smell like mint anymore, they smell like they’ve been watered by sewage blended in rotten eggs soaked in fish guts that were fed dog shit!!! I put out your appetite, eh?! It wouldn’t have been fair to the mints if I did not do my best to translate my disgust, and trust me, I’m not doing them justice!

My mom wants to buy a piece of land just to start planting her own vegetables and fruit, you are what you eat no? And how can you know who you are if you don’t know what you’re eating? Just because it looks like a cucumber does not mean it is, it sure doesn’t taste like one! It’s like the taste is diluting! And hey, I do want to stay alive and healthy to see what the next generation is going to evolve to. Humans from the outside, and what from the inside?
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